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Managed Firewalls

Your firewall is the gateway to your network. If you don't currently have a dedicated team to maintain and assess changes, then why not let Kalani manage it on your behalf? As well as providing you with a dedicated physical or virtual firewall appliance, we will help manage, update and modify the configuration for a single monthly fee.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

Accessing critical business systems that are hosted on your internal networks from any location can be tricky. Whether it's a salesperson accessing your CRM system from a trade show or allowing your staff to work remotely, getting access to these core systems, which often contain confidential data, can be complex. Kalani offers a range of options which will allow users to access the data they need, while ensuring your security stance remains constant in all environments.


Kalani has worked with Cloudflare for several years to help our customers improve the security, performance, and availability of their web applications. We can help you to design and configure the entire range of Cloudflare services, providing the experience and knowledge required to help you understand any issues you might encounter, or which settings could help improve your application’s security.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

How do you ensure your website or application is as secure as it can be, despite it being regularly updated with new features or changed settings? Having a tool that scans your application and actively searches for known or suspected problems is the best way to guarantee you stay secure. Kalani is partnered with AppCheck to offer their world-leading SAAS scanner to provide fully automated vulnerability scanning. This not only checks for known vulnerability signatures but also actively searches for any potential problems.

Penetration Testing

For some applications or platforms, having an automated testing tool just isn't enough. You need a real person to look at your application and actively try to break into it. You need a partner you can trust to find any exploits and provide you with independent advice on the severity and complexity of the exploit. Kalani is partnered with NCC Group, global experts in cybersecurity and risk mitigation, to provide our customers with full and independent penetration testing services.

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