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Kalani has over 15 years’ experience in providing managed cloud hosting, covering everything from single dedicated virtual servers to complex multi-site high-availability environments. All of our hosting services are provided from our self-managed UK-based data centres. We can provide you with as much or as little control of the day-to-day operation of your servers, delivering a fully managed service, or allowing access for your internal team to manage. All solutions are designed to fit your requirements and are fully scalable so you can scale your services when you need to.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

How do you protect your cloud-based applications and data when disaster strikes? Most cloud providers give the option to replicate your data through multiple locations or data centres, but these are still managed by the same provider. What happens if there is a major outage across multiple data centres, or if the provider decides they are going to double the costs? Kalani helps you design, implement, and maintain a hybrid multi-cloud solution that protects your application from any outages and avoids vendor locking by deploying your services across multiple providers.

Managed Public Cloud

If you have already started your journey to the cloud and migrated some of your services to hyper-scale providers such as Azure or AWS, we can provide the same managed service for these environments too. At Kalani, we believe there isn’t one technology that fits all solutions. We embrace the modern multi-cloud environment, helping you pick the right solution for your needs.

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