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Off-Site Server Backup

Kalani can provide your business with highly secure off-site backup solutions for your hosted or on-premises servers. We offer services that cover both physical and virtual servers running either Windows or Linux OS. All data is stored in one of our secure UK data centres, so you know exactly where your data is kept at all times, and can rest assured that it is safe from any attacks.

Endpoint Backup

Do you have important or perhaps even critical business data on your laptop or desktop PC? This is often an area that is overlooked, which can lead to major problems if a device fails or is compromised by malware. Central browser-based management functionality allows IT teams to ensure all critical data is backed up, and that backups are completed in line with your company policy.

Cloud Service Backups

Exchange 365, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive are all great tools, but do you know what would happen if these services were suddenly unavailable or if a file was accidentally deleted? Do you need to know where your data is being kept? Kalani ensures all of the data stored in your Office 365 based services are backed up and stored securely in our data centres.

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